A Present-day Explanation

For those who might be confused or wondering about all the posts on this blog that are talking about events that happened two or three years ago, this is the explanation:

A couple years ago, I decided I needed to preserve the best stories of me and Jared so that our kids could have some fun memories of our courtship and married life, with more detail than I include in my personal scrapbooks or Instagram posts. A blog seemed like the best way to do that, especially considering how much I love to write. However, things got away from me and as the list of stories got longer, my focus and effort dwindled.

This December, however, I am feeling renewed, and I’m determined to “catch up” to present day stories by January 1. With our baby coming in March, I want to make sure that I’m writing all my feelings and experiences when they’re the most authentic! I’d say I have 15-20 more posts to write before the new year, and after that you get to hear about all the things that are happening HERE and NOW, including how I’ve been dealing with this pregnancy, our ongoing nursery renovation, and our baby-moon trip coming up in January!

There are ALWAYS “Moore” stories to tell. 😉 xoxo


The House Hunt: Part 2

5 may 2016

I remember that I had to work later than Jared, and so he and our realtor Nancy had already walked through the house before I arrived. It was windy in Daybreak, but still beautiful. I wish I had pictures or video from that first walk through, or even from right after we moved in, but I didn’t even think about it!

The house was a good layout, it seemed. Lots of room on the main level for entertaining, which we love to do, and four finished bedrooms. The laundry room was upstairs near three of the bedrooms, and the master suite seemed just right for us, with a big bathroom and walk in closet. The other thing that our realtor kept pointing out to us was how much light the house got. There was plenty of natural light flooding in through all the windows, and we rarely had to flip a light switch. 

Maybe the thing that made this house the most perfect though was the neighborhood. As we drove around and came back to look at the house a few times in the next couple days, the streets were just full. People were out on their porches, kids were running through the green spaces playing, dogs were being walked, conversations were happening. It felt just right. It felt like home.

We had to make a decision fast, the way the market was moving, and the house was priced low because the owners had already moved and were paying two mortgages (hence the completely empty walk through). They needed the house to sell fast. I think we took about 48 hours to think it over and then pulled the trigger! Our next step was beginning. From honeymooners to homeowners in just over six months. Big changes for Mr. and Mrs. Moore!

The Story of Handsome Hubby Winning all the Things

27 april 2016

Jared’s senior capstone project was presented to be judged on April 27. His group had worked hard on creating a portable air-quality testing system that could be set up in homes, businesses, backyards, or wherever else you can think that you might want to test the quality of your air. During their testing phase, one of his teammates had discovered that the air quality in his home was reading as purple every night (the worst quality you can possibly get!). Trying to figure out if this was just a bug in the system, they eventually found that the readout was correct, and a defect in this teammates clothes dryer was putting all sorts of particles into their basement air! With this story, they even managed to get onto a local television news station to promote the project.

I wasn’t surprised at all when Jared’s team and project AirU won best senior capstone project in the entire CS department. Of course Jared felt lots of pride about winning, but I think he was even more excited about the prize: a new LED lit keyboard! How I love this nerdy guy.

The House Hunt: Part 1

Just a few months after getting married, in January 2016, Jared and I started talking seriously about buying a house. We both had good jobs and the market was really good for buyers. We knew if we wanted to get a house in the first ten years of marriage, this would probably be the time to do it, as scary as that thought was. Luckily, our former Single’s Ward Bishop’s wife was a realtor and was more than willing to take us on as clients. She set up appointments with mortgage lenders to see if this house would even be a possibility for us and we started looking at homes.

Jared at our first mortgage discussion meeting.

We started looking around at homes during the cold dark winter months, and it seemed like everywhere we went just wasn’t quite right. We knew we wanted a newer home, if possible, with room to grow into. Many of the homes we saw were split-level, which in itself isn’t awful, but I hated the ones that walked in onto a tiny landing with stairs going straight up and straight down rather than getting a proper entryway. Eventually we expanded our search into town homes, which led us into the cute community of Daybreak, and that’s when things started to click. The planned community had houses close together with green spaces and parks, pools, tennis courts, and gardens. The houses were brightly colored, which made them seem cheerful even on the dark days we visited them.

Many of the town home layouts were really good, but I had a hard time with the idea that I’d need to walk up an entire flight of stairs to get to the main living space, and I worried about all those stairs once we started having kids. I didn’t want a little one taking a tumble all the way to the bottom! Eventually, the house hunt got tedious and tiring, especially after a house we loved went under contract almost immediately and we missed the chance, so we took a break for a couple months. Little did we know, that break would set the perfect timer for us to find our home!

To be continued in Part 2!

Our First Christmas Story

Jared and I spent our first Christmas Eve with my side of the family, and he got a glimpse into all our Christmas crazy.

I had never realized until Jared pointed it out that our traditional Christmas Eve dinner doesn’t actually have a main course. We have clam chowder as the main dish, and then a plethora of small side dishes. My man was so hungry! In more recent years Jared and I have volunteered to bring a ham to Christmas dinner to make sure there’s something a little more substantial to eat.

Christmas Eve always goes the same way at the Jenson house. There’s dinner, then a talent show (sometimes with willing participants, and sometimes with some playful coercing), then we act out the nativity–complete with costumes of course!–and to finish off we listen to a reading of “The Night Before Christmas” and sing “Silent Night.” Jared was a wonderful sport through all of our silliness, and even let me put a fluffy silver crown on him to be one of the Three Wise Men. The best part of this Christmas was the fact that my new husband was with me, and watching my sweet niece and nephew act as Mary and Joseph. She wouldn’t put the baby doll down! 

Someday I know Jared and I will make Christmas traditions of our own, and I just can’t wait!


Jared’s family are all huge Ute fans, and he convinced me as soon as I transferred to the U that I needed to get MUSS tickets for Football season. Of course, I couldn’t turn him down, because he loved it so much, and so I became a true BYU turncoat and joined the Mighty Utah Student Section for the 2015 season. I definitely like watching football at home much more than watching it live, and the MUSS wasn’t always my favorite place to be because of the random drunk people, swearing, and having to stay on my feet and scream my lungs out the entire game. Very exhausting.

I have to say though, in the end it was super fun and worth it, and we attended every home game together that season. Rain, shine, snow, or Halloween, you could find us on row 21.

The Story of the Honeymoon ♥

5-12 September 2015

It was at my request that our honeymoon destination was kept a secret right up until we were at the airport and Jared handed me my ticket. I knew only that I needed to pack clothes for somewhere warm. We arrived at Salt Lake International and Jared handed me a ticket that told me we were going to Cancun! I was so excited. I had never been to Mexico and going with my hubby who could actually speak Spanish would be so much more fun than if I’d been with anyone else!

How we Ended up with a butler

When we finally arrived at our gorgeous resort, we went straight to check in and were informed that our room wasn’t quite ready for us. The front desk, knowing that we were honeymooning (seriously, use a travel agent because they will hook you up!) fell all over themselves with apologies and then offered to upgrade us to a corner Presidential Suite, complete with a personal butler. Needless to say, we took them up on the offer, and moved our bags into a suite that was bigger than our apartment, including a private rooftop pool. Our butler offered to unpack our bags for us, but I turned him down because in my naivete I had only packed t-shirts and shorts! I had no idea we’d be staying somewhere so swanky. This man was spoiling me more than I’d ever been spoiled in my life! Honestly, I should have expected it, because Jared always gets the best of the best. (I mean, he landed me as a wife, right?!) 


The next week was full of adventures around Cancun. We took private boat tours, went snorkeling, saw Isla Mujeres and Chichen Itza, ate amazing food and turned down lots of free tequila. Every day seemed to be better than the last and I could have stayed in Cancun forever!

Final night

Our last night in Cancun, the resort arranged for a private dinner on the beach for us. It was absolutely perfect. The sand under our feet and the sound of the ocean just a few yards away made for the most romantic evening with my love. Overall, it was a vacation that will be hard to top! The hubby truly outdid himself.